Our aim is to Protect and Preserve our planet


We are committed to a sustainable green future and a Toxin-Free earth! All the natural ingredients, used in our product formulations are earth friendly and bio-degradable.


We offer natural, environmentally responsible alternatives, to horse owners all over the world, in the form of Horse care and Grooming products that are Australian Certified Toxin-free to minimize chemical waste and pollution, by doing so we reduce the risk of harming ourselves, our horses and our Earth. 

This commitment flows through every aspect of our product development including our packaging and marketing solutions. 


Without compromising on quality or the performance of our products, we used recyclable packaging, such as HDPE tubes with a foil seal (for freshness and quality) and PET jars and bottles to ensure minimal waste



We value true Australian made and local trade


Equidae Botanical Horse Care is a true Australian-made company.


We utilize the expertise of Australian researchers, consultants in microbiology and organic chemistry, to further develop and manufacture our products, here in our own country.

We ensure the uniqueness and integrity of our brand. Therefore we value true Australian and local trade and focused on purchasing and sourcing materials and ingredients such as our raw materials, labels, posters, bottles, jars, tubes, boxes and bags from Australian and local suppliers.


We support Australia's Wild Horses, The Brumby 


We are dedicated to preserve our earth's wild horses!

We believe that these proud and noble animals deserve to run free...they are part of our heritage and we would like to see these beautiful horses in their natural habitat, today, tomorrow and the future.

Equidae Botanical Horse Care has been a proud sponsor of “Save the Brumby” since the first year of establishment and made a commitment to continue supporting them for as long as possible.  

Please contact "Save the Brumby" directly to contribute to their passion, hard work
and effort in saving Australia’s wild horses; The Brumby