"My passion is to formulate effective Horse Care and Grooming products, based on the powerful healing and protective properties that Mother nature has to offer.  I am passionate about horses’ and strive to reconnect them with the purity of these unique ingredients, used in our products."



Meet the founders of Equidae Botanical Horse Care; Riana Kritzinger a qualified Equine Medical Herbalist, Equine Aromatherapist and Equine Raindrop practitioner, specialising in Energy Alignment and Chakra Balancing together with her two horses, Bless and Ziggy.  Together and with the help of other’s, they developed these gentle yet effective horse care and grooming products that include certified organic, natural and plant-based ingredients.  Each product formulation is original and unique in every possible way.


Being an experienced horse owner and previously competitive rider herself, Riana witnessed the incredible improvements in all the horse's overall health and well-being, by using high-quality natural ingredients as part of her grooming and horse care program.


Through extensive research, development and practical application; Riana used her combined knowledge and experience as an Equine Herbalist (specialise in Clean Raw Nutrition), Equine Aromatherapist and Equine Raindrop Practitioner to formulate several Flower Aromatic™ and Botanical-Remedy™ blends and combinations that are used throughout the product collections. 


These blends and synergistic combinations were formulated and developed by using a method called, Zoopharmacognosy; this is when animals self-medicate with the selection of specific medicinal plants and or natural ingredients such as earth clay. 


Equidae Botanical Horse Care products are not just practical for the use of physical benefit, but also include pure organic essential oils and Flower essences, with the aim to improve your horse's mental and emotional balance.