We used new modern science and the art of traditional herbal medicine to formulate and design Horse Care and Grooming products that are made with some of natures’ most effective healing and protecting biochemical properties.


The purest quality organic, natural and plant-based ingredients:


*    Certified Organic or wildcrafted Australian Native plant extracts,

*    Australian Mineral Clay

*    Medicinal Herbal Extracts and oil infusions,

*    100% Pure Essential oils and the gentle power of

*    Flower Essences


Every ingredient used in our formulations has a specific benefit and was selected based on its unique bio-active action in and around the Equine body.  


Our products are infused with a unique synergistic combination of Flower Aromatics™ or a Botanical-Remedy™ blend, that aims to revitalize your horse’s senses and promote mental, emotional and physical balance.


Horse Care and Grooming Products include: 


*    Shampoos

*    Conditioners

*    Show Preparation products such as a hydrating detangler and plait styling

*    Aroma therapeutic Mists

*    Natural Insect Spray

*    First Aid wash

*    Natural ointments and barriers

*    Hoof Hygiene


Our Certifications:


All our products are Certified Australian Toxin-Free.


Safe Cosmetics Australia is prompting humans to question the health and beauty industry. They also raise the concerns about toxic chemicals used to formulate everyday products, and their mission is to provide consumers with the information and identification required to purchase products that are formulated without harmful chemicals. 


Free from harmful chemicals: 


Horses body systems already have to deal with toxic chemicals on a day to day basis.  These toxic chemicals may include air pollution, chemically treated water, mycotoxins, chemical fertilizers, herbicide and pesticide residues, even though these toxins are not intentionally introduced to our horses’ it is commonly found in their environment, in the hay, commercially processed feeds and most grooming and other horse care products.

We are proud to guarantee our products are free from fillers, harmful or toxic chemicals, harsh detergents, Parabens, harmful sulphates, petrochemical cleaners, propylene glycol, animal derivatives (apart from Beeswax), formalin, synthetic fragrances and artificial colorants.