June 13, 2021 2 min read

horse taking an equine amino acid supplement

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. In the above illustration each coloured ball is an amino acid. These balls are held together by chemical bonds. Together, these balls and chains create the strains of protein.

Inside a horse’s digestive system and stomach the bonds between these chains are broken, unravelling the structure. Inside a horse’s small intestine, enzymes called proteases further break down each chain of amino acids into individual amino acids and/or small links of 2 or 3. The freed amino acids are now ready for absorption in the ileum. Once inside the horses’ body, the amino acids are reassembled into equine specific proteins chains.

To keep it creative, picture each amino acid as a different coloured bead. The protein is a string of these different coloured beads. Protein is a string of these different coloured beads (amino acids) hooked together in a set formula. If one of these coloured beads are missing you will not be able to complete the set formula to make protein and protein synthesis stops. The mission amino acid is therefore limiting the body’s ability to construct that protein.

Proteins are much more than muscle tissue… Enzymes, antibodies, haemoglobin, cellular receptors, cytokines and many hormones are all synthesised from amino acids.

“Next to water, protein is the most abundant substance in all body tissues from brain to hoof.” Dr Eleanor M. Kellon V.M.D

Amino acids can be classed into 3 groups for easy reference; essential amino acids, nonessential amino acids and limiting amino acids.

Essential amino acids are amino acids that cannot be synthesised fast enough by the horses’ body and therefore will have to come from the diet.  

Non-essential amino acids are amino acids that the horses’ body can produce. The body will be able to supply enough of these amino acids to complete the protein chains, even if they are not available in the horses diet.

Limiting amino acids are essential amino acids that are present in low enough amounts in the horse’s body to interfere with the protein assembly process.

Now that you know how protein chains are formulated and chained together within the equine body it is clear how important it is to provide the correct equine protein supplement for your horse.

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