August 10, 2023 2 min read

Salt is the Secret to a Healthy Horse Diet


You may be asking yourself why you should bother adding salt to your horse's diet. The answer? Because it is essential for their health! Salt helps horses maintain healthy electrolyte levels and keep their energy up, and can even prevent serious illnesses like colic. Read on to learn all about why adding salt to your horse's diet is so important.


Why Horses Need Salt in Their Diet

Horses need salt in their diets because it helps them regulate their body’s fluids, which play an important role in maintaining healthy organs, skin, coat and muscles. Without the proper amount of salt, a horse could experience dehydration or electrolyte imbalances that could lead to poor performance and other health issues. In addition, salt helps horses digest food properly, allowing them to absorb the nutrients they need for energy and development.


Where Can I Get Salt for My Horse?

The easiest way to add salt to your horse’s diet is by buying it in loose form or block form. Most feed stores carry these products in many different sizes and varieties, so you should have no problem finding what you need. You can also use table salt as an alternative; however, it is not as potent as commercially-prepared equine salts, so you will need to use more of it than usual. Additionally, make sure that whatever type of salt you choose does not contain any additives or preservatives—these can be harmful for horses if consumed in large amounts.


How Much Salt Does My Horse Need?

The amount of salt your horse needs will depend on his size, activity level, age, and overall health condition. Generally speaking, a good rule of thumb is 10grams per 100kg of body weight; so a 500kg horse would need 50grams of salt per day and more if they are in hard work or sweats for any other reason. It would also be a good idea to add an electrolyte to their feed to replace everything that is lost with excessive heat and sweating and it encourages them to drink more water.


Whether you have a foal or an adult horse – adding salt into their daily diet is essential for overall good health! With the right type of high-quality product and amount – they will enjoy all the benefits that come along with having this necessary mineral in their lives! So why wait? Start shopping around now for the perfect equine salts today!

Your trusty steed will thank you later!