Electrolytes for Horses Australia

Why electrolytes matter for your equine partner

In the vast landscape of equine care, one key aspect often overlooked is electrolyte balance. 

Picture this: Your horse, a magnificent creature, is working hard, sweating and exerting energy. How do you ensure they maintain their peak performance? The answer lies in understanding the significance ofelectrolytes for horses. Our horse electrolytes collection is meticulously crafted to replenish and restore these vital minerals, supporting your horse's stamina and overall health.

Equidae Botanicals — your trusted source for horseelectrolytes in Australia

As an Australian-owned and operated family business, Equidae Botanicals is more than a brand, it's a commitment to your horse's optimal health. 

Amy Tresidder and Will Furness, the passionate minds behind Equidae, took the reins in November 2022, bringing a wealth of expertise in equine herbalism, nutrition and aromatherapy. Their mission? To offer you innovative, plant-based solutions that have the ability to transform your horse's body, mind, spirit and assist in preventing disease.