16C Black Herringbone Gloves



They are here and they are stunning!

Introducing the 16C Black Herringbone Gloves, a true testament to the elegance and sophistication of the equestrian world.
Crafted in genuine leather, these gloves offer superior comfort and breathability, as well as a suede grip insert for firm control.

The performance stretch jersey on the top of the gloves allows for flexibility, while the velcro closure ensures a secure fit, making them the perfect all-weather riding gloves.
With their phone-friendly design, these gloves are both stylish and practical for anything your ride has in store.

The 16C Black Herringbone Gloves are sure to make a luxurious statement.


- Genuine leather palms

- Suede grip insert

- Performance stretch jersey fabric on top

- Velcro closure

- Made in Pakistan