30 Day Supplement Packs



Introducing New size - 30 day supplement packs in the whole range of 7!

Perfect for those times when you need just a little bit of extra support for your horse. Whether it’s taking to a competition, travelling, trying out a new supplement, or just having an extra supply handy in case of emergencies, our 30 day supplement packs are the perfect solution.
Our supplement packs are specially formulated with natural ingredients and provide the ideal balance of nutrition and minerals made here in Australia.

DERMAblend 1.5kg A uniquely formulated blend rich in essential nutrients from natural sources including the synergistic combination of Kelp, Nettle and Australian Zeolite together with Organic Zinc, Biotin, Omega-3, Amino Acids an Antioxidant and a natural broad-spectrum and most advance Mycotoxin Binder to support the integumentary system that plays a role in the integrity of the equine skin, coat and wound healing on a deep cellular level.
NUTRIblend 1.8kg - Kelp, the treasure trove of trace minerals and thyroid regulation; Nettle, brimming with essential vitamins and minerals for healthy circulation; Rose Hip, the natural immune system supporter; Selenium, the guardian against cellular oxidation; Magnesium, the bone builder and nerve signal relayer; Biotin, the metabolism booster for stunning coat, skin, and hooves; Zinc, the key to healthy bone, cartilage, and wound healing.
GUTonic 900g- is a specially formulated prebiotic and probiotic blend that promotes optimal digestive health in horses. It combines a broad spectrum probiotic strain, both live and inactivated, with organic and herbal ingredients to create a comprehensive equine digestive supplement. With its anti-inflammatory properties, GUTonic is particularly beneficial for horses susceptible to ulcers and gastrointestinal issues. With hero ingredients like;  Slippery Elm Bark,  Turmeric Root,  Aloe Vera Leaf,  MTC Oil,  Hemp MealOrganic Selenium (Se),  Acid Buff (Marine Algae) &  Prebiotic and Probiotic.
HOOFblend 900g - takes it to the next level by including plant-derived calcium, organic zinc, MSM, and a selection of bio-available nutrients from rose hip, nettle, Australian kelp, and hemp meal. Each ingredient plays a crucial role in promoting natural hoof growth and safeguarding every layer within the hoof horn. >>CLICK TO READ MORE
HYDROblend 1.35kg - Maintaining a healthy electrolyte balance is crucial for your horse's well-being. With a scientifically formulated blend of essential minerals, including Australian Ocean Salts, Dandelion Leaf, and Rose Hip, our electrolyte supplement will keep your horse hydrated and at peak physical performance.>>CLICK TO READ MORE
PROTEINblend 900gis a natural horse protein supplement with no nasties, that provides easily digestible, palatable natural proteins that promote the regeneration of tired muscles after exercise and maintain muscle weight. Additionally, this protein supplement enhances muscle bulk and conditioning, topline development and strengthens muscle fibres.  Berry flavoured, Alfalfa, wildcrafted Rose Hip and Nettle leaf with a complex protein profile including L-Glutamine, L-Lysine and L-Methionine, Magnesium (Mg) and all-natural Gamma Oryzanol.>>CLICK TO READ MORE
ZENblend 1.2kg-  a powerful plant-based ingredients. We've carefully combined Slippery Elm Bark, wildcrafted Rose Hips,and Peppermint Leaf to create a synergistic blend that supports your horse's equine nervous and muscular systems. Plus, we've added a scientifically balanced ratio of Organic Magnesium, Thiamine B1,B2, B3, B6, L-Tryptophan, and a natural Antioxidant for comprehensive support. As well as a broad-spectrum Probiotic to promote healthy gut acidity and stimulate beneficial bacteria in the digestive system.