16C Field Plaid & Hickory, Jump Saddle Pad



Introducing Field Plaid & Hickory, the all-new jump saddle pad from 16C's signature collection, perfect for top horse owners and competitors. This 16C Euro cut saddle pad is specially designed to provide extra comfort and breathability for your horse, while providing the timeless look that softens the saddles angles and provides an elegant experience both on and off the course.

The classic, timeless design is crafted in our signature field plaid, accented with durable dark brown hickory leatherette trim, elevating your and your horse's style. Then we added the performance features of wither relief, breathability and moisture-wicking lining for ultimate comfort. This design also provides enhanced shape support and durability for your saddle pad.

Take your performance to the next level with the Field Plaid & Hickory Jump Saddle Pad. Bring your horse and tack to the course looking timeless and elegant.