16C Herringbone & Cognac, Dressage Pad



The perfect blend of exquisitely timeless beauty and expertly crafted performance. Sixteen Cypress' Dressage Pad in Herringbone & Cognac is absolutely stunning, sure to turn heads no matter where you are. Made with 16C's signature herringbone tweed, this classical design is finished in a perfect cognac leatherette trim.

Not only is this dressage pad an elegant choice for any rider, it also boasts the functionality you need for high performance. Crafted with contoured wither relief and moisture-wicking lining, it promises to keep you comfortable while in the saddle. The durable shape support also helps your equestrian dreams stay afloat.

Nothing says classic and timeless like this Herringbone & Cognac dressage pad. Perfect for any horse owner who wants to add a touch of elegance and quality to their ensemble, it's the ideal choice for a life in the saddle.


How to Use

Machine washable
Use a stiff brush to remove horse hair
Wash cold or lukewarm, 40° max
Hang for fast drying after washing or post riding


OUTER: 100% Cotton, naturally breathable
LINING: Soft, moisture-wicking sport mesh
FINISH: Leather alternative, supporting pad structure & durability