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HOOFblend: The Ultimate All-Natural Hoof Supplement for Horses

Are you tired of mediocre hoof supplements that promise but never deliver? Look no further than HOOFblend - the top-tier, revamped formula that goes above and beyond your expectations.

With a carefully crafted blend of essential ingredients, including high levels of biotin, our natural hoof supplement caters to horses at all life stages. Because let's be honest, strong, healthy hooves are what every horse owner dreams of.

Say goodbye to brittle, weak hooves and hello to a robust foundation for your equine. Our scientifically formulated HOOFblend ensures the precise intake of vital nutrients needed for natural, vigorous hoof growth processes.

Keratin, the fibrous protein that makes up the hoof's primary structural material, deserves the utmost care. That's why we've combined the perfect balance of amino acids - like lysine and methionine - with biotin, zinc, and copper. Proper keratin formation has never been easier!

But we didn't stop there. HOOFblend takes it to the next level by including plant-derived calcium, organic zinc, MSM, and a selection of bio-available nutrients from rose hip, nettle, Australian kelp, and hemp meal. Each ingredient plays a crucial role in promoting natural hoof growth and safeguarding every layer within the hoof horn.

Don't settle for anything less than extraordinary for your horse's hooves. Join the HOOFblend revolution and witness the remarkable transformation yourself. Your horse deserves it, and you do too.

Order HOOFblend today and unleash the power of healthy, resilient hooves!



Plant-derived bio-available Calcium, an essential mineral for Keratin stabilisation and cohesion in the hoof wall.

Wildcrafted Rose hips contain vitamins E, D, and A, along with antioxidants that support the immune system and metabolic processes. 

Nettle Leaf is a herbal tonic with an expansive nutrient profile abundant in calcium, chromium, magnesium and zinc, and high in iron, cobalt, manganese, phosphorous, potassium, selenium and silica, as well as niacin, thiamine, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and chlorophyll.

Biotin (B7) – Improves hoof hardness and increases the hoof growth rate.

Methionine – Methionine deficiency restricts proper hoof formation, resulting in weak, slow-growing hooves.

Lysine – Lysine is an essential amino acid critical for the formation of keratin necessary for strong hooves.

Organic Zinc – Without correct supplementation, most horse diets are deficient in zinc. Natural zinc helps maintain the integrity of hooves, skin and coat. Zinc also supports immune function and assists with healing wounds in the hoof sole.

Organic Copper – Other hoof products often contain high levels of zinc without additional copper, unbalancing the critical zinc to copper ratio and contributing to the prevalence of copper deficiency among horses. Added copper helps maintain the copper to zinc ratio and meet the horse’s copper requirement, promoting vibrant coat colour and supporting skin and joint health.



HOOFblend was expertly blended by equine nutritionists and herbalists to provide support for:

Horses with poor quality, soft and dry hooves

Horse hooves that show signs of weakness, brittleness and cracks originating at the coronary band

Horses prone to laminitis split frogs and shallow heels

Horses with thin, sensitive soles that struggle with irregular gaits

Horses with hoof injuries that need support growing back healthy hooves

Horses with white line disease, hoof wall separation, seedy toe and thrush

Horses with chronic toe and quarter cracks in the hoof wall

How to Use


Maintenance DAILY Serve:

Ponies (up to 450Kg) – 15g

Average size horses – 30g

Large horses and performance horses – 45g


In severe cases, administer the recommended initial Loading Serve for four weeks before returning to the maintenance dosage rate.

Initial LOADING Serve:

Ponies (up to 450Kg) – 25g

Average size horses (450kg-600kg)  – 45g

Large (600kg and over) horses and performance horses – 60g



Mix well with feed once a day or divide Daily Serve into morning and night feeds for more efficient mineral absorption.


Store at room temperature out of direct sunlight and free from moisture.  Ensure the pouch or container is resealed after use as exposure to air may cause the product to harden.


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Customer Reviews

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Vicki croydon
Love this product

We have 4 horses on our property, three are on hoof blend and the results are great. All will stay on this product. Our newest horse is a thoroughbred with flat cracked feet and we are seeing improvement in six weeks

Vicki croydon
Best hoof supplement ever

Our 35 yr old pony has suffered with laminitis. Three months ago she had an acute bout with hoof abscesses, we started on hoofblend and our farrier who has looked after her for 8 years said her feet have never been better. Thank you, she will be on this supplement for life

Camilla Macdonald

Wow ! My Mum actually was the one that ordered this for my Eventer at first. Our 2 Star eventer suffers from some navicular issues, and we saw some major improvements in his hoof health after he had completed his first bag. Defiantly need some to start up the competition season again!

Camilla Macdonald

Wow! what a product. My Mum was actually the one that suggested we try this for my Off the track thoroughbred. As we all know thoroughbreds can have their myriad of hoof problems and we were thoroughly impressed !

Thank you so much for this fantastic product

I wish that I had taken before photo's to show everyone the difference...thank you so much Equidae for this amazing product and for helping my horse's hoof grow out strong and beautiful