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Calico Small Bag

Cotton is the one of the most common materials we come across, used for thousands of years by the human race, reliable, long-lasting, and economical. Our calico (unbleached, natural cotton) bags are manufactured for your use in ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) approved factories. What this means, is that the products you order from us are free of any harmful pesticides and other chemicals used commonly to grow cotton, and are made from ethical factories who treat their workers fairly, pay them correctly and provide them with decent and safe working conditions. These small Equidae calico bags are economical and safe for the environment and are another great alternative to those harmful single-use plastic bags.

Using our reusable Equidae calico bags identifies you as a socially responsible organization, playing your part in the worldwide campaign to rid the planet of plastic shopping bags.



Small Equidae branded Calico bag with natural colour handles

Size: 29.5cm x 25cm

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