Happy Gut Bundle


If you are looking for total gut health, look no further then this bundle.

1 x GUTonic - 900g (30 day Serve)
1 x AMINOpaste - 60ml
1 x BIOBUTE - 32ml 

Our GUTonic is a customer favourite and staple in our stable at home, with ingredients like Turmeric, Aloe Vera, Hemp Meal and Slippery Elm to name a few. 

Our AMINOpaste is a secret weapon in our tack box, added to chaff after exercise it helps to repair tired muscles but did you know that adding Amino Acids to your supplements can assist the ingredients absorb even faster? Ulcers won't stand a chance with this extra step in recovery.

BIObute is one of those products that once you use, you wont go back to to the regular one! Easy on the gut, its not swabable and has a slight calming effect. What is not to love.