Skin Rescue Bundle


Introducing Equidae Botanicals Skin Rescue Bundle!
A must-have collection for anyone looking to tackle severe skin conditions, such as QLD Itch, naturally. This bundle was originally created to help horses in QLD, where there was a massive shortage in available products. As you can imagine, if you have experienced this condition then you'll try anything to find relief!

This bundle is packed with our most popular products to help you keep on top of skin issues.
You'll receive DERMAblend, our 30 day pack, as well as Aloe Vera Spray, Soothing & Calm Shampoo, Soothing & Calm Conditioner, and Wound Plus+ giving you everything you need to help find relief.
All of these natural products are safe to use and designed to help bring your skin back to health.

Say goodbye to skin issues and hello to Equidae Botanicals Skin Rescue Bundle! Smart, natural and reliable, this bundle is sure to give you the relief you need.