Hydration & Recovery Bundle


For horses competing, travelling, or recovering from an illness or stressful situation, the Hydration & Recovery Bundle from Equidae Botanicals is the perfect solution.

This bundle includes HYDROblend, a delicious blend that can be added directly to a bucket of water after a ride, or to the horse's feed before or after. Also included is AMINOpaste, which is easy to feed straight to the horse to help tired and fatigued muscles recover, or added to feeds. To help with quick hydration, the bundle also includes HYDROpaste, which is easy to give straight to the horse. And finally, the bundle includes Magnesium Muscle rinse, which helps to soothe and relax sore and tired muscles. Dilute and sponge-on, no need to rinse off.

Studies have shown that horses perform better when they are properly hydrated, before and after competition and travel, so this bundle is the perfect way to make sure your horse is in the best condition.